Veterans Benefits

vetIf you are a veteran and suffering with a disability you may be entitled to benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  If your claim for disability has been denied, you can hire an attorney to assist you with appealing your denial to a Decision Review Officer or the Board of Veterans Appeals.

Although you may represent yourself on appeal, It would be in your best interest to retain counsel to represent you.  WHY?

  •   The VA will be represented by an attorney – Shouldn’t you?
  •  An attorney will review your VA file and all relevant laws and regulations to ensure your rights as a claimant are addressed
  •  An attorney can help you prepare paperwork and develop evidence to support your claim
  •   An attorney will prepare legal arguments and appear in legal proceedings on your behalf
  •  An attorney will keep you informed as to the status of your claim

Contact the Law Office of Karen Y. Vicks today to set up a free appointment to discuss your claim.  Attorney Vicks will be happy to explain the process and guide you through your appeal..